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Started 13 years ago, Never forget why we started, struggle for realizing the dream

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At the beginning of spring, when the Chinese New Year coming. On February 11th, XSY lighting group held the 2022 annual summary celebration. This celebration is the largest event in the past three years, and it is also the 13th anniversary of XSY lighting group. The theme of this celebration is: "Started 13 years ago, Never forget why we started, struggle for realizing the dream". Employees from Shenzhen and JiangMen celebrated together.

Mr. Qin, the factory supervisor, guided the employees from Shenzhen to visit the factory's facilities, such as production lines and testing rooms. Employees saw our Solway brand solar street lights under production, they are some large orders for Africa and Southeast market, its for government projects, after several months of negotiations and sample testing with the clients, they finally choose us due to our quality assurance, abundant experience of projects, and stability of our product. Mr Qin said the current production capacity of our production base is fully enough for the upcoming big orders of solar lights this year.

After the visit, the celebration began

This celebration divided into 3 parts

Part I: 2022 Awards Ceremony

Inspirational speeches. we move forward to the future

At the beginning of the celebration, Mr. Qin, the production supervisor of the JiangMen factory, started his speech. He expresses his support and thanks to all the employees who have worked hard over the past year.He said that under the complex global economic situation and slowing growth, XSY lighting group can maintain economic growth, mainly because of the support of the chairman and CEO of XSY lighting group. Finally, he expressed some views on 2023, and he hopes that everyone will work together. Maintain and improve the efficiency and quality of JiangMen factory.

In this celebration, the company CEO Mr. Tao said: This year is the 13th anniversary of the company. The meaning of the number "13":the number "1" means "professional, hardworking, focused and strong". The number "3" means "prosperity, good luck and success". He hopes that everyone will do things in a focused and professional manner in the new year, and he wishes the company prosperity and greater success in 2023.

Finally, Mr. Li, the chairman of the company, made a summary and affirmation of 2022. Mr. Li said that XSY lighting group achieved good performance in 2022, It is our hard work and persistence, and also the strong support from our country's economic environment. Mr. Li said that there will be many opportunities in 2023, and he hopes that all XSY lighting group’s employees will work hard and stand together. Make a better 2023.

Coronation of glory, salute to excellence

We believe that every company needs role models and excellent people, which are the precious wealth of an company , So XSY lighting group will award honors to excellent employees every year,This is the culture that the company has been passing down.This year, rewards and honors are awarded to the best employees, the best dedication, the best newcomers, the best positions, and the NO.1 sale

Part II, group activities

An excellent company requires employees to be serious and responsible at work, and more importantly, a united and loving team, We have strengthened our relationship with each other in many ways, and achieved good results in the past three years.
(Many group games make our team more cohesive and the cooperation among colleagues more orderly.)

Basketball is a great team activity. This allows our team to deepen cooperation and tacit understanding.

Part III, 13th Anniversary Dinner

Happy to enjoy the celebration dinner

On the 13th anniversary, XSY lighting group thanked the employees for their hard work and the support of suppliers and partners over the past year. XSY lighting group held an anniversary dinner at JiangMen YuHuiTang restaurant. At the dinner, we enjoying the delicious food while the some employees brought their excellent talent shows.)

The most exciting part of the celebration dinner is the raffle,The red envelopes and rewards carry a good meaning, wishing XSY lighting group company better performance and harvest in the coming year.

A perfect and happy celebration dinner to welcome the new year 2023. XSY lighting groupcompany relies on the result of hard work in 2022, and all employees are as close as family members. In the next year, XSY lighting group will strengthen cooperation with suppliers and partners, build a better R&D team, improve R&D technology, and focus on the development of the LED industry. Maintain and increase domestic and overseas markets, we will have new markets and businesses, and ultimately achieve success.