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ASP Series--the Upcoming New Products

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Uphold the idea that "Innovation is the First Productive Force!", through the efforts of the day to day, our company has developed the ASP series.

ASP,solar street lights,Solway 1

ASP series is our brand new streamlined appearance design, including ASP - 3, ASP- 4, ASP -5 three models, can meet the demand of different lanes of lighting.

ASP Series--the Upcoming New Products 2

ASP product has six major advantages:
1. Has passed the wind resistance test, with excellent wind resistance performance.
2. Adopt high-efficiency monocrystalline silicon solar panels, maximize the use of energy
3. The use of a new generation of A grade LifePO ₄ battery, can resist high temperature, safety explosion-proof, longer service life
4. Removable battery design, convenient to replace
5. Dual working mode optional: (1) Time control mode (2) PIR sensor mode
6. Waterproof grade IP65

If you are interested in this new product, please stay tuned to our official website for more information.
(By Sophia Wang)