2019-11 Southeast Asia exhibition

Solway New Energy came to Southeast Asia for exhibition and captured some fans.

We look forward to cooperating with you in the next step.


2019-03 Middle East Exhibition

Thank you for coming to the  booth of  Solway New Energy at Middle East and support for us.

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  • On the eve of the show, colleagues of Solway are prepared the booth and prepared for the reception.


  • Customers are in a constant stream, very interested in our products, actively communicating.



  • After spending three days in a busy exhibition, colleagues will have to complete the follow-up work.


Thank you for your presence and support, we will work hard to make products and services better. I hope to maintain friendly and harmonious trade and mutually beneficial trade partnerships with everyone.

2018-11 Middle East Exhibition


This time we participated in the exhibition in Middle East.



Thank you for your presence and support, we will work hard to make products and services better. Solway New Energy Ltd. hope to maintain friendly and harmonious trade and mutually beneficial trade partnerships with every customers.

2018-10 Asia Exhibition


Thank you for coming to the  booth of  Solway New Energy at Asia and support for us.

The following are related photos received during the exhibition.

Thank you for your love of our solar street lights at the Asia Exhibition, we will work hard to do better and provide you with better products and services. And hope that we can maintain a positive, friendly and mutually beneficial trade partnership with you.

2018-06 Southeast Asia Exhibition

Fair warning

      Thank you for your accompany all the way, we will hold exhibition at these sites in 2017, when’ll be waiting for your arrival , We hereby sincerely invite you to visit our booth. It would be our great pleasure to meet you at the exhibition. We expect to establish long-term business  relations with your company in the future.

Simple Solar Lighting and Power Facts


This is the final installment in our Simple Solar Lighting and Power Facts series. Finally we want to cover the cost difference between solar lighting and power systems compared to traditional grid powered lighting and power systems.

Solar lighting systems are designed to be installed in cases where the grid power is cost prohibitive to bring in, where underground wiring has deteriorated or been broken, or be designed into a new project early on. Solar lighting systems are not typically used for a green alternative when replacing old lighting technology as a cost feasible solution.

Solar lighting systems that are commercially manufactured and designed properly can be expensive as you are paying for the power up front, not over time like traditional grid powered lights. Instead of just paying for a light fixture, and then the energy to operate that fixture over time, you are paying for the solar to generate the energy and the battery assembly to store the energy produced during the day for use at night.

The solar power assembly needs to be large enough for your installation to power the required light for the designated time frame required. Grid tied lights also don’t take into consideration the wattage that is installed or the energy costs over time. Read more about solar sizing requirements.

This is why off grid solar lighting systems are great for installations where the grid power is cost prohibitive or in cases where the underground grid lines have gone bad. There is no trenching involved with installing an off grid solar system; the solar provides the power and all wiring is located at the light source, or nearby with applications such as signs.

For example, if you have a large parking lot where the underground wiring has gone bad, either due to time or someone cutting the line, trenching the parking lot, repairing the lines, and repairing the pavement can be a costly project. Off grid solar lights may be the best option since the poles are just placed where they are needed. This will lower the project cost to repair all the wiring and decrease the installation time.

Off grid solar power systems work basically the same way. If the power is difficult to bring in, or the wiring has become damaged, solar is a great alternative to traditional grid power.

If off grid solar lighting or power is being requested, a cost analysis of the systems can be performed to show the ROI and / or savings of the solar vs the grid powered system. This can be requested from the manufacturer. In order to do this analysis, detailed information about the grid power costs for the area as well as project costs will need to be provided.

Solar Lighting System Installed by Electrical Dynamics

SEPCO worked closely with Electrical Dynamics, Inc in Lawrence MA to provide lighting to a project where grid power wasn’t feasible. A small triangle parking lot for the Great Lawrence Family Health Center had no lighting for their patients, especially after the sun goes down in the winter months. Solar lighting systems are the best option to provide the required lighting without the high costs of trenching and construction of the surrounding area to bring in grid power.

The SolarViper system was used to provide all night lighting, year round. The 300 Watt solar power assembly provides enough power to operate the fixtures up to 14.35 hours in the winter and the QS 328 Amp hour battery assembly installed provide at least 7.5 nights autonomy for the Northern Climate of Massachusetts.

A photometric plan was provided to the customer to show the lighting provided by the Viper fixtures and ensured that the IESNA standards for parking lot lighting could be met with all fixtures installed on the perimeter of the parking lot. Shields were ordered, but not installed, as the Viper fixture provides very little back light and no up light (BUG rating on these fixtures is B1U0G1 and depends on distribution pattern), making these a dark sky friendly fixture for areas with this requirement. This is especially important since the parking area is nestled between residential areas.

The SolarViper system sits on a 20’ aluminum anchor base pole to allow for a fixture mounting height of around 16’. The poles sit on concrete foundations and the fixtures mount using the SP side of pole upsweep bracket 4’ in length.

Solar lighting systems are always feasible from project start for areas where underground construction costs will far outweigh the ability for stand-alone solar lighting solutions. With LED’s providing higher and higher lumens per watt, the solar industry is able to meet the same light levels as grid powered lighting with higher feasibility than in the past. The costs of solar reduces every year making solar lighting a viable solution for more commercial and industrial as well as municipal projects.

Solar LED Lighting Solutions for Rural Areas



Rural areas have less infrastructure; therefore, making access to power and lighting more difficult and costly. Solar provides the power for many of these applications at a fraction of the cost to bring in the required power, especially with the cost of solar decreasing at a rapid rate.

Solar LED lighting solutions can be easily integrated into these rural areas to provide light in locations that need it most. Dark intersections, pathways, parks, signs, and other applications can all be illuminated by solar LED lights and don’t have to rely on the grid power. Best of all, a lot of solar lighting systems are now dark sky friendly and do not take away from the beautiful night sky found only in rural areas.

By providing lighting in rural areas, there is an increase in safety and security. This is especially true in public spaces and along roadways. By increasing the security by providing power for lighting, and even other applications such as security cameras, there will be a reduced rate of crime. This can also have a great effect on residences quality of life.

The solar LED lighting systems can be much less expensive to install in rural areas since the reliance on grid power is nonexistent. There is also very little ambient lighting, so the amount of light required is much less than in suburban or urban areas. On top of that, there are no electric bills, and the maintenance is very little, especially with the increase in LED technology.

Remote buildings can also be setup to use solar power for operating day to day equipment along with lighting. These systems can be roof mounted on the building and operate the equipment using inverters. The systems work similar to a lighting system; however, they would be much larger and have a larger battery bank to provide the necessary power.

Solar LED lighting systems for rural areas are a great solution to provide power. Compare the costs of installing a solar solution versus bringing grid power in with your next project. You just might be shocked at the price differences.