Why Choose Solar Energy

The energy produced by Sun shines on earth per hour can cover the annual energy demand all over the world. It is totally different from the fossil fuel and traditional energy. Anybody can buy and install solar equipment and use rich solar energy. Use solar energy can observably save electric power in the long run.
Use  solar equipment can reduce the electric power cost and dependent to power grid. The independent solar energy can protect all the users against the rise in price of electric power or fossil fuel . According to the analysis of forecast.the efficiency of photovoltaics will be improved. That makes solar power will be a higher-yielding solution and long-term investment in future.
Be different from traditional fossil fuel. Solar power will not produce harmful gas to environment.as a kind of sustainable energy. Solar power is very important to slow down global warming and protect environment.

How it Works

In the case of light radiation, the PV module uses solar radiation to generate electricity, convert light energy into electrical energy,The use of intelligent controller for lithium iron phosphate battery input power charging, while the intelligent controller of the battery overcharge, over discharge and other protection, and the lighting of the light switch and lighting control for intelligent control, without manual operation.

Environmental Benefits

Renewable energy

High Cost Performance

No carbon energy

Long term use fossil fuel will produce a lot of Co2 and pollutants, lead to different diseases and the global warming problem.the Emissions of carbon dioxide will cause the rise of the global temperature,the rise of sea level, as well as affect ecological balance . Solar power will not produce any Co2 or harmful gas during converting into useful energy.
The exploiting.collecting and transportation of fossil fuel will lead to badly degradation of geology ecology. As well as the risk of leakage of fossil oil. Different from fossil oil, solar energy not only free of change, easy to get, but also inexhaustible.
According to estimates. There are 54.04 billions Co2 come from energy consumption in 2014 from USA, in contrast. There is almost no carbon from Solar power, actually, with more and more families and companies start to use solar power, we can work together to reduce the carbon dioxide emissions and protect our earth.

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