Sales team’s learning trip to Jiangmen new production base

On July 10th 2021, the company’s sales department organized a team study trip to our new production base in Jiangmen city. The entire sales team went to the Jiangmen production base for in-depth exchanges and learning.

Our sales team visited the production workshop and storage operation and maintenance sites in an orderly manner. The on-site learning atmosphere was excellent. Our sales member asked the production staff for in-depth study of various production processes and details, and learned comprehensive understanding of the entire production and logistics process. We had a Summary and sharing of this learning journey finally. After a full day of itinerary, it has been very rewarding.

This learning trip not only greatly improved the production expertise of the employees, but also made the employees better understand each other and the tacit understanding has risen linearly. Such activities are of great benefit to the company and to the employees themselves. Also let everyone have enough strength to climb new highs in the second half of the year!